Our massage treatments in Hervey Bay

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No matter what it is that you are looking for in a massage, you will find it at Ajna Relaxation Centre. Whether you are a sportsperson that uses massage therapy as part of an integrated workout programme, or someone just looking to take some time out and relax, Ajna Relaxation Centre has just what you need.

We offer a wide range of massage treatments in Hervey Bay. Whatever your desires, we will have the treatment to suit your needs.

A treat from head to toe

Echo2 Oxygen Spa Anti-Ageing Facial

We see our service as about getting back in touch with your body. Taking the time out of your busy day to really treat your body is so important. You'll be amazed at how relaxing and beneficial you will find an appointment at Ajna Relaxation Centre. Due to our wide array of techniques, we'll get you feeling great all over.

A service for your body...

turtle flying

Our massage treatments in Hervey Bay have a wide range of associated benefits for your body and mind. They relieve pain and reduce anxiety and depression, help you sleep better and stimulate the flow of endophins. They can also reduce heart pressure and heart rate. That means that in addition to a service that feels great, it is also extremely good for your body.

And for your mind

La Stone facial massage

Taking some time out of your busy day can be extremely benefecial to your mental health. It will leave you feeling relaxed, with better levels of concentration. A massage is a great way to improve your productivity and all-round happiness. You'll be amazed at how good you feel, even days after an appointment.